The Red Dragon Compost Bin

Brian describes how this unique composter works. We've been testing it out at the Vancouver Compost Demonstration Garden since October and are really happy with the way it has performed. You simply plug it in and put all your food waste in it, and that includes meat, fish, rice, etc., all the things you don't put in a regular backyard bin. (

4 Responses to “The Red Dragon Compost Bin”

  1. interesting concept

  2. @DavidHutchinson2010 I stand by what I said. Compost does not work the way he says. It’s not my opinion, it’s a law of science.

  3. DavidHutchinson2010 on December 15th, 2010 at 5:52 pm

    @Praxxus55712 I have one in my garage, and it does work. And, I had a backyard composter, and it didn’t work. That simply is possible.

  4. I hate to be the doomsayer but this is incorrect. Compost does not need to be maintained artificially at any temp to work. The microbes generate heat as a by product in the compost process. Nothing will compost if brought to a 160 degree temp. That’s just not how compost works. Meat, dairy and carnivore feces is a Bozo no-no in compost. Nothing can be turned into compost in 24 hours. That simply is not possible.

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