Obligatory ‘Hello World’ Post

Howdy! Welcome to Zero is the New Black...

And what is this all about then? Just a little personal gathering of various tidbits of low impact living as one Midwest guy and his little family stumble across them. I'm not planning to go the No Impact Man route (but all the best to him and his family for the effort - you are a better man than I), but then hyperconsumption isn't really sustainable either. So if I can find a few ways to lighten our footprint on the world - and share them with others as I go - I'll be thrilled.

Oh, and as for the name... I have been thinking of starting up a site like this for awhile, but life just kept happening. And then, when I would have a little time to sit down and start it up, I just couldn't find that one right domain name. Reading a little Seth Godin the other day, he provided it for me. Thanks, Seth!

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